Angular 🅰️ is the web framework of choice for many professional developers. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, only just about ~10 % of developers prefer React to Angular.

Material is the reference implementation of Material Design components for Angular. It provides a lot of ready-to-use components to build web applications, including dashboards, fast and easy.

In this guide, we'll learn how to build a full-stack dashboard with KPIs, charts, and a data table. We'll go from data in the database to the interactive, filterable, and searchable dashboard.

We're going to use Cube.js for our analytics API. It removes all the hustle of building the API layer, generating SQL, and querying the database. It also provides many production-grade features like multi-level caching for optimal performance, multi-tenancy, security, and more.

Below you can see an animated image of the application we're going to build. Also, check out the live demo and the full source code available on GitHub.